Flat Rate MLS Listing

There are basically two choices you have once you decide to list your home in the MLS: Flat Fee MLS listing (or Discount MLS Listing), such as with our company, or Traditional. When listing your home on the MLS with a full-service Real Estate company, a listing commission is charged. This listing commission is usually based on the sales price of your home and will usually range anywhere from 3-6%. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with the buyers agency commission, which can run you another 3-6% of your sales price. This means that 6-12% of the price of your home will go to Real Estate Agents.

Instead of paying a large listing commission to a traditional real estate agency to list your home in the MLS, you can list with us for only $195. That's right, there is no listing commission to us! A small commission, of your choice, will be due to the buyer's agent who brings you a ready, willing and able buyer. And remember, if you sell your home on your own, without any Real Estate Agent involved, you will owe no commission to anyone!

Our Flat Rate MLS

Traditional MLS


Flat Rate MLS Listing MLS Listing in your local MLS by a licensed real estate company, us! Traditional MLS MLS Listing on your local MLS by a licensed real estate company.
Flat Rate MLS Listing Exposure on all internet sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, and more for your MLS area. Full Service MLS Exposure on internet sites such as Realtor.com for your MLS area.
MLS Listing Service No need to worry about contracts. The buyer's agent will bring you the written offer AND if you find your own buyer, you are supplied with forms, contracts and disclosures you will need to sell your home on your own. MLS Listing Agency No need to worry about contracts. Your agent will bring you the written offer. However, you will typically not be able to find your own buyer without still paying a listing commission.


$195 MLS Listing We charge a flat rate of $195.00 to list your home in the MLS. There Is No Listing Commission. No Listing Commission A percentage of the selling price of the home is charged. This can typically be anywhere from 3-4% (thousands of dollars).
No Commission MLS Listing You are able to market and sell your home on your own. If you find your own buyer you will owe no commission to anyone. Sell Your Home You are typically not able to sell your home on your own. Even if you find your own buyer, the Real Estate listing agency is still entitled to a commission.
Discount MLS You are able to choose the amount you wish to offer to the buyers agent. Traditional MLS Listing The listing agent will choose the amount of the buyer's agent's commission. This is typically, another 3-4% of the sales price of the home.
Selling My Home You schedule your own appointments and showings, around your schedule. Real Estate Agent They will schedule appointments and showings around their schedule. This may inconvenience you and potential buyers.
MLS Marketing You are able advertising your home however you choose and conduct your own open houses. MLS Advertising They will sometimes provide newspaper advertising and sometimes conduct open houses.

As you can see, there are many similarities and differences between listing your home with a MLS Flat Fee real estate company and a Traditional one. By choosing to go flat rate you will be saving thousands of dollars. By choosing our company you will be choosing a Real Estate company that understands your desire to sell your home yourself and save your hard earned money. We will help you along the way as much or as little as you want.To Learn about the differences between different flat rate companies.

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